Title: Sengere
Artist: Pancras Mkwana (Performer)
Keywords: Indigenous music ; Folk music ; Ligombo zither
Description: Heroic song. Further details refer ILAM fieldcard D2T3
Publisher: International Library of African Music
Date: 1950-06-13
Genre: East African Music
Format: 78 RPM Shellac record ; 00:02:56 ; Sound Forge v.8 ; Technics SP - 10 MKII direct drive turntable ; Vestax BDT-2500 belt-drive turntable ; Studer Revox interface SP 10-8
Identifier: TP1598-XYZ5058
Source: Research number: D2T3 ; Master number: XYZ5058 ; Master number: XYZ6285 ; Sound of Africa Series number TR-156 B5 ; Catalogue number: GB1338
Language: Hehe
Relation: TP1598
Coverage: Tanzania ; Tanganyika ; Iringa District
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