Title: Mwanakadzi
Artist: G. Chimpele (Performer) ; G. Chimpele (Composer)
Keywords: Indigenous music ; Guitar ; Button accordion
Description: Topical song, presumbly based on impressions of Africaans folk song, accompanied by guitar and button accordion ; For further details refer to ILAM field card: F2B1
Publisher: International Library of African Music
Contributor: H. Chimula (Leader)
Date: 1952-02-21
Genre: Sub-Saharan African Music
Format: 00:03:00 ; 96000Hz 24Bit Stereo ; Vestax BDT-2500 belt drive turntable ; Sound Forge V.8 ; 78 RPM shellac record
Identifier: TP3011-XYZ7198
Source: Research number: F2B1 ; Tape number: F43/wo ; Master number: XYZ7198 ; Shellac record number: TP3011 ; TREK DC238
Language: Nyanja
Relation: TP3011
Coverage: Malawi ; Nyasaland ; Zomba
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